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How to add my custom SSL certificate to CDN hostname?

If you need to set up an SSL certificate for your custom CDN hostname, this article will help you with that.

If you have already added your custom CDN hostname under the hostnames section, please remove it before getting started

To add your SSL certificate with your custom hostname.

Click on Manage button next to your pull zone
Navigate to the SSL section of the left navigation tabs

There you will see one textbox for your SSL enabled hostname and two text areas, one for the SSL PEM bundle and one for the SSL key file.

On the first text box enter the CDN hostname that you need to associate with the SSL certificate with

CDN SSL Hostname

On the first text area, paste the content of your PEM file
On the second text area, paste your private key
Finally, click save

Once you click save, we will change your default CDN hostname to your custom SSL enabled domain, and you should be able to access https on your custom CDN URL.

You can only add one custom SSL certificate per pull zone

I'm getting secondary hostname must differ error

If you receive an error saying secondary hostnames must differ while adding an SSL certificate, refer this article:

Updated on: 12/29/2017

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