Private Hypervisors at CloudCone is a new way to provision Virtual Machines inside your own bare metal hardware.

Private Hypervisors can offer you an efficient performance increase and a worry-free lousy neighbor experience.

How does it work?
A single private hypervisor is a CloudCone node which we link to our control panel allowing you and only you to deploy virtual machines inside it.

This is one of the most effective ways for managed computing where 100% of the disk IOPS, 100% of the CPU and the Bandwidth is allocated for your virtual machines.

Few use cases include
Big data processing
Distributed computing
Build farms
DevOps teams
Production Applications

How to create Virtual Machines?

Once you have ordered your Private Hypervisor, you will see a button to deploy servers.

Click on Create Private Cloud

Choose your server resources

Next, choose your desired private node where you need the VM provisioned

Choose your OS and click Deploy!

That's all, then your VM will be deployed in your selected private node. Login credentials will be sent to your email
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