Deploying a Virtual Server on the Partner Dashboard is easy and can be done within a few minutes by following these simple steps.

Log in to your Partner Dashboard

Click on the Create Server button, which is the green colored button on the top right corner of the screen.

Follow the wizard step by step. Select the server template required. Click "Next".

On the Properties Section, enter the Label and Hostname. Leaving the Password field blank will automatically generate a root password. Click "Next".

Define the following resources for your virtual server

Compute Resources

Compute Zone - The zone where to build the virtual server
Compute Resource - The hypervisor to build on the virtual server on

Resources & Primary Disk

Select the RAM and number of CPU Cores.

Primary data store - Select a data store for a primary disk
Swap data store - Select a data store for a swap disk and set a size or disable it.

Network Configuration

Network - Select a network from which the VPS should get the IP address
IP Net - Select an IP net from which the IP address should be assigned
IP Range - Select an IP range from which the IP address should be assigned

Set these options to 'any' to automatically set the best network configuration. Click "Next".

On the Addons section, recipes can be assigned to your server. We have more details on Recipes here.

On the Final stage on the wizard, verify the previously selected parameters and deploy the server.
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