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How to Resize a Virtual Server on the Partner Dashboard

To resize a virtual server, you can follow these steps in order;

Log in to your Partner Dashboard
Under Appliances, Select Virtual Servers. From the list of servers, select the virtual server you need to resize manually.
To resize CPU & RAM, Click the Tools button and then click Edit Virtual Server

On this screen, you can edit the RAM and CPU and also set the CPU Priority for this virtual server, and click on Save.

CPU Priority allows a virtual server with the higher value to get a higher CPU priority.

You will be asked for a confirmation on a pop-up, click on Continue Resize to confirm your changes.

The virtual server will reboot to complete the changes.

To resize Disk, Click the Storage tab and then click Disks from the drop-down as shown below

Click on the gear icon on the disk you want to resize and select Edit from the drop down

Enter your resize value and click Save Disk* as shown in the screenshot.

Confirm your selection on the pop-up window and your disk will be resized.

Note that your server will reboot again for the changes to take effect. You can check the tasks in the Activity Log of your server.

Updated on: 04/21/2021

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