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How to forward my emails to a different mail address?

If you want your CloudCone Hosted mailbox to forward all incoming emails to a different email address of your choice, you can do it by following this guide

Visit and login to your account

Go to settings by clicking on the gear icon in the left side menu

Navigate to the Forwarding tab

Enter the email address you need to forward emails to, set the status to On and click on Save

If you require to add multiple email addresses for forwarding, follow the steps below

Navigate to the Filters tab

Under the Actions section, click on the + icon to add a new forwarding email address. Alternatively, you can remove email addresses by clicking on the delete button

Click on Save to save your settings

Forwarding to external addresses outside of your domains/emails hosted at CloudCone will be added onto your monthly sent count

Updated on: 05/14/2023

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