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The Cloud Network

An insight into CloudCone's international network backbone

Our networks are engineered from the bottom up to provide the high-availability requirements of our clients with redundant and divergent routed fiber-optic links to our clients with over 200 peers and multiple tier 1 transit providers such as Amazon, Google Fiber, Japan Telecom, Etisalat, Hutchison, TATA Communications and China Telecom.

This lets us guarantee that your services will be accessible from anywhere in the world with little to no downtime.

This robust cloud network spans multiple data centers in over 51 countries which are in turn connected to over 200 international upstream providers.

The primary datacenter built with cutting edge technology from our industrial partners Cisco, Juniper, River Stone and Liebert, makes use of diverse channel routes to several other service providers in downtown Los Angeles. A minimum of 192 lines of dark fiber among each linked building and divergent paths to numerous carrier buildings guarantees an unsurpassed network stability and reliability.

This enables us to provide a BGP4 best-path routing solution with a multi-network design, service provider fault tolerance and automatic fault detection and rerouting.

In a nutshell this translates into the fact that unlike our competitors, CloudCone has the infrastructure and the network power to make sure that your online service makes it to the international stage with a stable, dependable and affordable cloud platform and a robust network.

Updated on: 12/07/2017

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