If you came across a promotional plan that is billed yearly or monthly, it's important to know that it's still being charged hourly. However, unlike on our general plans, we lock your funds for the full year or month respective to the plan, so you can order multiple plans

So how does it bill hourly?
As soon as you deploy the yearly or monthly paid plan, we will charge your account the full amount, and an invoice will be sent to you. Under the hood, your server is adding up hours for the total time it's active on your account.

What if I destroy my server?
If you destroy it, we will offer you a refund of the remaining hours for your entire billing cycle.

Here's an example:
You order a server which costs $30 per month, so per hour you are charged $0.04054, let's say you destroyed the server within 5 hours which is $0.2027, we will minus that amount from the bill that you paid $30 - $0.2027 = $29.79 and refund you the $29.79 back to your cloud credits so you can utilize it on other invoices, same goes to annual plans.
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