How to add funds to your account to keep it active and running

Funds are the main method of payment used throughout CloudCone. You need to have funds in your account to keep using our services.

Adding funds can be done simply by

logging into the CloudCone panel at
Navigate to the billing page found on
Select Add funds from the left navigation menu.
Add funds to your account by using 4 methods: PayPal, AliPay, Card on file or Promotional Codes.


To add funds using PayPal, click the Add via PayPal button and continue by following the steps on PayPal.


To add funds via AliPay, enter the amount you need to add and click on the Add button, and you will be redirected to AliPay to complete the transaction

Card on file

To add funds using your card on file, enter the amount you need to add and click on the Add button.

Make sure you have already How to link a credit or debit card to my account? to your CloudCone account for this method to work

Promotional codes

If you have a promotional code enter it and click Add to receive free credits to your account.

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