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How billing works for promotional plans and Virtual Private Servers?

If you came across a plan that is billed yearly / annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly, we will bill you hourly for up-to 7 days, which will allow you a pro-rated credit if you decide to cancel within 7 days. However, after 7 days, you are charged for the full year or month respective to the plan.

As soon as you deploy the yearly or monthly plan, we will charge your account the cost as mentioned on the order page, and an invoice will be sent to you.

What if I destroy or cancel my yearly or monthly billed server?

If you destroy it within 7 days from the order date, we will offer you a credit of the remaining hours from your entire billing cycle to your account's cloud credits. If the server is cancelled after 7 days, no refund will be credited.

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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