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How to enable Lets Encrypt SSL on your custom CDN hostname

Once you add a custom domain for a Pull zone, you can enable Lets Encrypt SSL to secure and safeguard your website data viewed through your CDN hostname.

To enable SSL for a Pull zone, go to the Hostname tab in the Pull zone's manage page and follow the steps below;

Visit your Domain DNS panel and create a CNAME record pointing your Pull zone's custom domain name to the unique generated URL shown on your screen.
Once added, you can click the Enable SSL button next to your hostname to enable.

SSL will now be activated for your Pull zone if the CNAME record has been successfully added in your DNS records.

Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for the DNS records to propagate, and Lets Encrypt SSL will take about 10 minutes to fully issue the certificate

Updated on: 03/14/2023

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