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How to create a CDN Nexus

CloudCone's CDN Nexus allows you to create and manage multiple CDN PULL Zones with a feature-rich control panel.

A PULL CDN pulls data from an origin URL provided by you and caches it across our CDN servers, and using our generated unique URL, the content will be retrieved from the closest edge location available to your visitor.

The unique URL is also fully customizable to add your own white-labelled CDN domain right from the setup page.

Follow this simple guide to create your CDN Nexus along with your first PULL Zone.

CDN Nexus

The product you order is called CDN Nexus, the product specifications applied to this CDN Nexus are;

Under a CDN Nexus you can have multiple CDN Pull Zones
Under each PULL Zone you have a number of management options and features.

Setup a CDN Nexus

Choose the plan you prefer, or go to the CDN Nexus Tab on the client area and click on Create New
You will be directed to the creation page

On the Name text field, you can type in your CDN Nexus's name
On the Origin text field, you can type in the URL of the website you need to pull your data from and from the drop down select http://, https:// or AUTO as preferred.
On the Hostname text field, enter the white-labelled URL of your CDN. Leaving this blank will create a random unique generated URL.
Click on Create CDN Nexus to finish setting up the organization

Finally, you will be directed to the manage page of the CDN Nexus you created. Here, using the tabs available on the left side menu, you can;

View all PULL Zones under this CDN Nexus.
Delete your CDN Nexus
View Billing details of your CDN Nexus

The first Pull zone created with the initial Nexus setup. You can manage it by clicking the Manage button or create a new PULL zone by clicking the Add pull zone button.

Updated on: 03/27/2024

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