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Migrating your IPv4 address (Dedicated Servers)

Your Server is undergoing an IPv4 address change

Our datacenter has informed us of an IPv4 re-numbering process that will result in a change of your dedicated server IPv4 address.

What should I do?

A comprehensive step-by-step guide has been prepared to assist you in smoothly advancing our IPv4 re-numbering project. This guide ensures that making the necessary changes on your end is as convenient as possible.

Step 1

Visit the client area and click "Manage" on the affected Dedicated server. (You will see a notice banner with information regarding the IPv4 change.)

Step 2

Provide a working root password to your server in order of our team to begin the IP change inside your server.

Step 3

Our team will assist you in changing the IPv4 address through a ticket

We understand that this change causes inconvenience for you. In order to minimize the impact, you have the option to schedule the above steps during a maintenance window of your choice, before December 15th, 2023.

Updated on: 11/15/2023

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