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Deploy a Scalable Cloud Server

How to create a Scalable Cloud Server at CloudCone with a few clicks

Deploying a Scalable Cloud Server on Cloudcone is easy and can be done within a few minutes by following these simple steps.

Log in to the Cloudcone panel at

Click on the Create new button, which is the green colored button with a plus icon at the top right corner and select Scalable Cloud Server from the drop-down.

You will be taken to the Create instance page where you can select the resources and the configuration of your Scalable Cloud Server.

For this tutorial, lets create a Scalable Cloud Server with 2 CPU cores, 2GB of RAM, 40GB Disk and 1 IPv4 address. You can select whatever values that best fit the needs of your Scalable Cloud Server.

Next, you can select an Operating System to deploy your Scalable Cloud Server on. You can also select an Application Recipe to deploy a pre-configured application for your Scalable Cloud Server. In this case, we will be deploying the Application Recipe Rocket.Chat.

Then type in a hostname. It's recommended to use a unique name which can be used to identify your Scalable Cloud Server. To keep things simple, you can use a domain name which you might be planning to use with the Scalable Cloud Server.

Once you're happy with the configuration and the pricing, click on the Deploy Server button to create your first Scalable Cloud Server. ⚡

It will take a few seconds to complete the creation of your Scalable Cloud Server. When it's done, you will see the following screen which displays information about your Scalable Cloud Server and allows you to manage it.

Note: once your Scalable Cloud Server starts to boot up, your root password will be emailed to you.

Updated on: 10/06/2021

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