If you are not a fan of managing software firewalls within your server, you can use our Cloud Firewall to allow and deny ports of your choice.
In this guide, we will show you how to allow port 22 for IP

Navigate to the Firewall tab on your compute instance

Click the collapse to add a new firewall rule

The following fields will appear to accept your new rule
Command: DROP or ACCEPT the rule, i.e., ACCEPT
Source IP: the source IPv4 or IPv6 address, i.e.,
Destination port: the port in question, i.e., 22
Protocole: TCP or UDP

Once the related fields are filled, proceed to add the rule by clicking the Add button

At this point, the rules are not applied to your server, please feel free to add all the relevant rules before proceeding to the last step

Finally, once you have added all the rules, click on Apply Rules to save and activate the rules onto your server

Valid Source IPs
Individual IPv4 and IPv6 are allowed.

Valid Destination ports
The following are considered valid port ranges when using the firewall
To input a port range, use: 3000:30059
To input multiple ports, use: 22,21,80,443
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