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How to mount a Live CD to my Scalable Cloud Server?

Network enabled Live CDs are helpful if you ever corrupt your data in the drive, or accidentally removed partition information which leads to Kernel Panics

WIth using the Live CD, you can access your Scalable Cloud Server files and securely move them to a secure location over the network.

To mount the live CD to your Scalable Cloud Server, follow these few easy steps

Click on the manage page on the Scalable Cloud Server where you need the CD mounted.
Navigate to the access tab on the left side navigation tabs

Under the RESCUE section, click on Mount rescue disk

Note: mounting the disk will re-boot your Scalable Cloud Server

Once the Scalable Cloud Server is rebooted, you can click on the VNC tab to open the desktop

How to unmount the disk and get back to my original OS?

To unmount the Live Disk, re-do the same steps and under the rescue section, you can click Unmount rescue disk

Updated on: 10/06/2021

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